Public Health Emergency Planning

The Connecticut River Area Health District is dedicated to helping you and your family prepare when a crisis arises, either from a natural occurrence or man-made.

 CRAHD has developed a Mass Dispensing Plan for the purpose of mass vaccination and/or distribution of medicines in response to an emergency Public Health threat, such as Anthrax, SmallPox or Pandemic Flu.  We are the lead health department for Mass Dispensing Area (MDA) 39.   The towns that make up that MDA are Chester, Clinton, Deep River, Essex, Haddam, Killingworth, Old Saybrook and Westbrook.

 Our goal is to provide you with quick, accurate information when a disaster occurs from whatever cause, and give you direction and guidance should the need arise for mass vaccination or medication of our residents 

Volunteers from all of the 8 towns are needed - click here to register 


It is also essential that individuals take the time prepare themselves for a pending disaster as best they can at their own homes.  One credible website that contains good information on personal and family preparedness is 


Pre-Register to Receive Vaccine

You can pre-register for your vaccine through “Dispense Assist “ when an actual need arises to receive prophylactic antibiotics.  Use the link below to open the Dispense Assist utility in another window; follow instructions provided on the website.  You will print a voucher which you will bring to the dispensing site.

 Pre-register for vaccine - click here for Dispense Assist

Any questions or concerns feel free to contact Sherry Carlson at 860-661-3300.




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