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Health related Links-websites

Environmental links

DPH Asbestos page:

Indoor Air Quality:   Learn about indoor air quality issues in a variety of settings

To Disinfect a well:  Recommended procedure to disinfect your private drinking water well

Well testing information:  Informative videos on well testing, what to test for, and interpreting results

            Septic System Maintenance:   Recommendations on maintaining your septic system

            Radon Information:   CT DPH info on radon in water and air

            B100a information:   Information on home additions/alterations and the Public Health Code

Community Health Links

              What is a healthy home?  CT DPH's Healthy Homes Initiative

              Lead Poisoning Prevention:  DPH's lead poisoning prevention page

              Lead RRP Rule:  EPA's Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule (RRP) information

              Tenant/Landlord Laws in CT:

              Protect yourself from Bed Bugs:   complete guide to bed bugs and control

              Local Drug Collection Sites:  list of places to safely dispose of prescription and home medications

              PSA "Protect Your Health Around Animals":  Video about good hygiene at animal fairs  

 Educational Links

CDC Asthma information:

DPH Asthma info:  DPH webpage full of resource info on asthma

 Seasonal Links

             Healthy Swimming:          Illness and prevention tips for recreational swimming

             Safe Gardening Facts:  growing fruits and vegetables safely

             Lyme Disease Information:   Lyme Disease Info and Prevention Tips

             Rabies information:   DPH rabies fact sheet

             Mosquito control and WNV:   Connecticut's Mosquito Management Program

             DPH Fish Consumption Advisory:   Guide to safe eating of fish caught in CT

             Zika Virus Information at CDC:   CDC Information on Zika virus

             Zika Testing and pregnancy:   New Zika guidelines for Pregnant Women   

Disease Prevention Links

            Measles Information:   CDC guidance on the illness and vaccination

            Measles Q and A  CDC questions and answers about measles

            MRSA Information:   MRSA, CT DPH webpage with information

\            Colon Cancer Prevention:   CDC Colon cancer fact sheet

Other Links 

Sexual Assault Information:   Sexual Assault Crisis Services link

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome(SIDS):    Q & A regarding SIDs

211 InfoLine:  Connecticut's INFO LINE

Recall Information:  Information on Consumer related recalls

Drug and Device Recall Information:  American Recall Center Link

Information on Childhood Programs in CT:  CT Child Development INFOLINE