Community Health

CRAHD is working on the following community health initiatives:

Community Transformation:  CRAHD is an active participant in a new approach to ease the burden of chronic diseases in our communities.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has funded a county wide program commonly referred to as “Community Transformation”.  This program has as its central mission, to transform the places and organizations that touch peoples’ lives every day in Middlesex County, so that the health of our county population is improved.  This is an ambitious undertaking by critical partners and stakeholders in our county to tackle this project with the goal of improved health for all of its citizens.  CRAHD is committed to this effort and doing what we can to support this work.  As specific developments arise, we will update you on this effort. 

Local Dental Health Initiative:  CRAHD works with a small dedicated group of individuals and professionals who are committed to improving the oral health of its children and adults.  Even though we have excellent dental care available to us, many people don’t have access to adequate care for lack of insurance and other factors, and inadequate oral health continues to be a public health concern.  It has been clearly demonstrated that people who suffer from poor oral health also suffer from poor overall health, as poor oral health is a direct factor in poor overall health.  The local dental health initiative, based in Old Saybrook, is dedicated to improving access for those folks who have barriers to preventative dental care in their lives.  CRAHD works with dedicated people from the Old Saybrook Nursing Board, the VNA of Southeastern CT, the Community Health Center, and the community at large to make dental care a top priority.  As activities are scheduled for the dental health initiative, we will post them on our calendar.

Annual Vaccination Clinics:  CRAHD helps to coordinate local vaccination clinics in our communities to assure good access to vaccines, especially annual influenza vaccination clinics.  We are also looking to expand our scope or services to be able to offer other vaccines, both for children and adults, in the near future. 

Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Mass Vaccination and Dispensing:  CRAHD continues to plan to be prepared for operating large mass dispensing or vaccination clinics in response to a large scale outbreak of a given disease, either natural or man-made.  This is an ongoing effort that never stops.  CRAHD has made planning part of its normal operation.  There is much work that still needs to be done, but with each passing month, CRAHD and the surrounding towns continue to improve on its ability to deliver when needed. 

Learn more about our Emergency Preparedness.