Health Education

CRAHD Offers Skin Cancer Prevention Education

Throughout this summer, CRAHD’s public health nurse, Sherry Carlson, has held educational sessions on prevention of skin cancer from overexposure to the sun.  To date, municipal departments who have employees who spend time outdoors have been offered the education.  However, the education is available to groups who are interested in learning more about skin cancer and ways to prevent it.  Please contact Sherry if you are interested at 860-661-3300 or email at

 View the powerpoint presentation on skin cancer  -click here!

You may also want to visit the website:  , hosted by famous football coach Bill Cowher to get additional information on skin cancer and its prevention.  

Local Volunteers Receive Incident Command Training

Recently, volunteers from our seven town Mass Dispensing Area, received training on the basics of the Incident Command System.  The training introduced basic concepts of incident command to familiarize volunteers about the framework they may be operating under in an emergency. 

Incident command is an organized structure set up to handle any emergency incident, large or small.  It places people in varying positions of responsibility, creates a hierarchy of supervision, defines roles and responsibilities, organizes functions in a command chart, while at the same time, offers flexibility to change as the incident changes. 

The training took place on June 27, 2013 in the conference room of CRAHD, and had 15 attendees.  A second training is being planned for the early Fall 2013.  If you are a volunteer and interested in taking the training, please contact us at and we will let you know when it is scheduled.

The training prepares the volunteer to take the ICS-100 exam on-line and receive certification in ICS-100:  Introduction to the Incident Command System.